Why should anybody Prazo?

That’s easy. Prazo doesn’t just put you in the driver’s seat. Prazo puts you in control. You value time, love technology and believe that things – like getting a car – should be as simple as ordering a pizza.

What makes Prazo so great?

We start with the 2017 Ford C-MAX Hybrid Titanium and offer thousands of dollars in savings for the life of your lease. With concierge services and plenty of free perks, Prazo makes having a new car as easy as you want it to be.

What do I get by signing up for the Prazo concierge package?

In early 2017, you can Prazo your way to discounts for everything you really can’t live without. From foodie eats and headphone beats to yoga mats and…what rhymes with “mats?” Plus, we’re adding new partners all the time, so Prazo keeps the free and discounted swag coming all the time.

What happens if I don’t qualify for the Prazo package?

Don’t despair. Prazo will still help you with our partner car dealerships to find a deal that works for you.

Can I have my car delivered anywhere?

We’ll deliver your car anywhere you want in the greater Los Angeles area. You don’t come to Prazo. Prazo comes to you.

How do I check the status of my car and subscription?

Easy, drop us a line and we’ll fill you in on all your details. Delivery. Months remaining. New Partner discounts. Terms and conditions. We’re here for you.

Will Prazo ever sell my information to third parties?

We only share your information at your request, like when you lease a car or take advantage of Prazo perks. Please review our privacy policy for more information.

Is it secure?

Yes. Any data you provide us is encrypted and securely transferred to any companies we partner with only when required to fulfill your requests.

What vehicle options are available to me?

We currently offer the Ford C-Max Hybrid Titanium. It’s a plug-in electric hybrid – meaning it runs on gas and electric, gets 88MPG, has heated leather trimmed seats, room for five and all your gear and some killer connectivity with Sync3. All you have to do is pick your color – Ruby Red, Shadow Black or Magnetic Grey. Bada bing, bada boom. For more sweet deets, check out The Car page

Why do you need my Social Security number?

In order to get financing for your car, you must submit your social security number to assess your creditworthiness. The good news is that Prazo does not store that information. We simply pass it along to Ford Motor Credit and they secure it just as if you were giving it to them at the dealership.

How much does it cost?

It all depends on your credit but we’re looking at $3451 a month, for 24 months with 10,500 miles a year with very small drive off fees2. That means a savings of thousands of dollars and a lower price than you’d get from going to the dealership. Also, our lawyer made us say this: terms and conditions may apply, offer available on approved above average credit. Fill out an application and find out in a two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Is insurance included?

No, while we don’t offer insurance ourselves, please call (844) 382-7982 to speak with a representative about the best plan for you.

Where is Prazo offered?

Prazo is currently offered in the greater Los Angeles area. Stay tuned for more cities as they happen.

Can I have a co-signer?

Heck yeah, you can have a co-signer, we encourage you to have one if you feel you have limited credit and don’t make a ton of dough. We want to make sure you have every opportunity to receive a Prazo Car.

Who is this Adam guy and why does he keep calling me about being a partner?

Adam is our in-house partner guru. He Prazo-s like nobody’s business. If he’s ringing you up, take one of his calls and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Can I choose a different car?

Prazo currently only offers the 2017 Ford C-MAX Hybrid Titanium. We’re planning on offering other great plug-in electric hybrid models in the very near future.

What’s a plug-in electric and how is it different from a regular hybrid?

Part gas, part electric & plug-in capable, the C-Max Hybrid Titanium provides the the option of plugging in – or not – and offers the best of both worlds – drive in electric mode for short trips or in gas powered mode for long ones.

Will my C-MAX stop running without an electric charge?

Heck no! If there is no charge, it’s just like driving a regular hybrid – in fact, driving around town will refill your battery, albeit very slowly via regenerative braking. Physics is cool!

How do I Prazo?

Simple. Sign up here or if you need more time email us or give us a call at 1-844 GO-PRAZO. We’re happy to answer any questions.

Is it reeeeeeeeeeally that simple?

It’s really that simple. We do all the hard work: We’ve spent a long time negotiating the terms, finding you the discounts, and making sure it’s the perfect car. You’re welcome.

Can I choose my color?

Pick a color, as long as it’s Ruby Red or Shadow Black or Magnetic Grey.

There is a lot of Ford Motor Company stuff on your site, is Prazo a part of Ford?

We are not. We just like the 2017 C-Max Hybrid Titanium A LOT. It’s a great car at a fantastic value.

I Want One and I see a form that mentions Galpin. What’s up with that?

Prazo is not a car dealer or broker. Instead, we’ve partnered with the largest Ford dealership in the United States, Galpin, so that we can focus on getting you all the cool stuff you deserve and you can have peace of mind that you are getting the best car from a world class dealership.

What if I get my friends to Prazo?

Honk if you Prazo! Kidding. Don’t honk. It’s rude. But for every referral that submits an application using your personal referral code, you’ll receive–contact us to find out!

What does Prazo mean?

Prazo has several meanings. It means a payment in parcels within a pre-fixed term. It also means a determined period of time to accomplish something (or anything). In this case, that means getting an awesome car with an awesome lease. Prazo is (Brazilian) Portuguese for Short Term and it’s, well, it’s an awesome word.

Who owns Prazo?

Prazo is emotionally owned by all of its employees, but from a business standpoint, it’s owned by our founders, Jon and Rodrigo. Curious about who they are? Visit our About Us page to find out more about the whole team.

1Payment excludes taxes, title, license, and insurance.
2Drive off fees include document prep, license/title, tax and first payment are approximately $1,702.

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