Ford C-MAX Hybrid Titanium. Saving gas and money never looked so good.

Say hello to your new car

Prazo has kicked the tires, scoured the sites and compared the cars so you don’t have to. Our conclusion? The Ford C-MAX Hybrid Titanium has the most bang for your buck.

Compact. Dependable. Crazy efficient. Gets an eco-friendly 88 mpg. Plug it in or pump it up – zip around town in EV mode, use gas powered hybrid for road trips.

Equipped and loaded with the options you care about – leather seats, infotainment package, premium sound. At $345/month + tax for 24 months,* first month free with gift card (and it comes with a swag bag worth over $500).

Just pick a color and Prazo will do the rest!

Yes, it’s that easy 🙂

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This car is almost as much of a marvel as Prazo’s ease of use and concierge offerings. Boasting a combined 88mpg EPA certification, this car just keeps on going and going. Visit your beloved gas station clerks, or decide to plug it in at home or at work for a little more mileage. Or both! The choice is yours, but we bet you’ll be grinning at your MPGs as you cruise around town.