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With Prazo, you don’t even have to talk to a car dealer- we’ve handled that for you. We’ve secured the best deal on a Ford C-Max Hybrid Titanium, a plug-in electric with simple, transparent subscription terms.

$345/month (excludes taxes, title, license, and insurance)
24 month subscription
First month free via gift card

Say Goodbye to the Dealership.

Looking for the best deal on an awesome plug-in electric hybrid? Prazo’s done the homework and handled the haggling.

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What is Fully Loaded?

Prazo delivers your new car directly to you flush with a swag bag of goodies from 50 brand partners worth over $500.
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Prazo’s Fully Loaded Support offers hassle free maintenance like oil changes, including pick up and drop off.
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Receive monthly Prazo Perks from free car washes to unlimited concert tickets for the life of your lease.
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